Founder and Coordinator, "RuGenerations – Russian School of Generation Theory"
Founder and CEO, "Sherpa S Pro"
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  • Founder and CEO, "Sherpa S Pro"
  • Founder and Coordinator, "RuGenerations – Russian School of Generation Theory"
  • Co-founder, International workshop "Innovation and clusters: business opportunities" (Brazil)
  • Co-author, "Generation Theory: Unique X", "Generation Theory: Strategy of Baby-boomers", "Every family has a Millenial. Things to do for the generation which changes the world."
Friends, друзья, amici, amigos, юлташсем и дуслар!
Welcome to my new personal web-site! I welcome you in 5 different languages from countries and regions I worked and lived in. These are Russia, Brazil, Italy, and various regions of Russia – being from Chuvash Republic, worked in Tatarstan, and was an Advisor to Vice-Governor - Minister of Economic development, Trade and Investments of Samara region. Now I live in Moscow (Russia), deliver projects and speak at events in various cities and countries.
Who I am
I've founded: my consulting company "Sherpa S Pro", the research center "RuGenerations – Russian School of Generation Theory", and co-founded International workshop "Innovation and clusters: business opportunities" (Brazil)
Love to create products and services both by myself and together with the team. My driver is when we, our clients and partners create new things. I am about achieving stable results.
At TEDx twice, global and Russian business forums and conferences, in leading world universities such as Harvard, Standford, Berkeley. Have my own podcast. I moderate discussions in Russian and English.
Oh, I forgot
I'm an exceptional unique X
As I was born during the period of 1964-1984
My credo – "Take responsibility for your happiness" and "Raise up your butt"
Help people, communities, clusters, cities and regions. To remember, I don't support "face of table" approach. From my experience I know that perfect results can be achieved by alternative methods.
I am a coauthor of a trilogy about generations, with my business partner Evgenii Nikonov, and author of the books on clusters and how we understand each other.
I've founded: my consulting company "Sherpa S Pro", the project "RuGenerations – Russian School of Generation Theory", and co-founded International workshop "Innovation and clusters: business opportunities" (Brazil)
Cross-generational interaction
I'm an expert in
Development of sustainable and globally competitive clusters (like Silicon Valley) and professional communities - places where people like to live and work
Managing complex non-standard projects
Human capital development - consulting of Founders, CEOs and their teams
BRICS (in particular, Brazil and Russia)
I can work, using various formats
For corporations and smart companies
Learning & Development
Deliver workshops, facilitate discussions
Speaker and moderator in Russian and English
Organize business trips for complex systematic learning about innovations
Individual consulting
Open worksops
Events with tea and good people
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Спикер: Евгения Шамис
Тема выступления: «Поколение Икс (1964-1984): карьерные траектории 40+ и как к ним готовиться»
Спикер: Евгения Шамис
Тема выступления: «Теория поколений: чего и почему хочет Миллениум? (1985-2002)»
Спикер: Евгения Шамис
Тема выступления: «Managing Generational Differences: How to Attract and Retain Gen X and Millennials in the Workplace?»
My books
or Clusters in Simple Terms
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About Generation theory, cluster management, development of projects and leaders
About generations
Evgeniya Shamis: rules to live by
The responsibility of every living person is to be happy. And healthy.
Being a good person is the proper way to be. You cannot imagine how much happiness, dividends, pleasure you'll get for living this way.
Raise up your butt. Always. Even when you're lazy.
Never leave yourself with debts and doubts: when you know that you haven't done your best – that means you have debts to yourself. That's why, it's not enough to do your 100% best – you'll definitely miss something important. Always give more, do your 120-150% best.
Relax and eat well. Don't postpone your relax time.
Kiss, hug – do it all with an open heart. The more you do it the better.
Be a creative rebel, create and be curious. As a result life becomes more interesting for you, projects get cooler. No wonder, you will find amazing solutions.
Invest in good people, be a mentor as other mentors invested in. Who knows, one day you'll raise a new Einstein, Korolev, Pushkin.
Do what you love. Always find a motivation to like what you do. If you can't find a motivation – stop and better find a new job.
Life is diverse. Don't replace it just with the work side.
Surround yourself with good people. From time to time you need to go to Stanford or Berkeley or other inspirational places, but talking with people of your breed – that's what you need daily.
Smile with your heart open. Every day.
The one who never tried never failed. Try, make mistakes and try again.
Never ever humiliate other people. Respect even oppositional opinions. It works miracles!
When a woman wants a dress, just buy it. Agree, you will win.
It's always a personal decision to change. You can't change other people. If it's crucial for you to help someone to change – talk with the person, do something, do everything you think is important. But remember: the responsibility is not yours - the person should want to change.
All of us can make the world a better place. So change it. With love and care. That's a MUST.

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